About Us

VULPES is a diversified supplier of superior heat treated and machined forgings. These metallurgically sound forgings used in a great variety of industries.

Our clients trusts our cutting edge technology, well educated and experienced workforce and our never ending enthusiasm. As we manufacture many kinds of forgings, upset forged steel parts and non-ferrous forgings are always in the focus of VULPES industries. With 6000m’ closed area, 95 fully motivated workforce and 52 precise machines, VULPES is ready to accomplish any hard manufacturing or metallurgy task.


VULPES guarantees faster responses to all customer requirements. Most of our facilities are operating 24 hours / 7 days and all of them are ready for any task.

As well as we’re a tailor-made and off-the-shelf products manufacturer, we’re committed to service and Customer satisfaction.

Unless other manufacturing companies, we also guarantee instant response to your e-mails and a proper communication.


VULPES guarantees stronger parts than you’ve ever met. We're ambitious about shipping metallurgically sound, stronger parts on a sustainable basis.

You have troubles obtaining safe-side products?

We have 80 different alloys in stock including many exotic ones. Just send us an e-mail and enjoy while the magic happening.


VULPES guarantees accurate parts that fits your tolerances.

We have an over-attentive laboratory staff and lots of equipment with cutting edge technology.
You’re in safe hands.

About Us