Upset Forging Lines (4)


> Up to 6000mm length

> Up to 100mm shank diameter

> Up to 220mm flange diameter

> Up to 6000 parts/day in a single line

> Hot/Warm forging capability



Drop Forging Lines (3)


> Up to 8 kg

> Hot/Warm forging capability

> Aluminum forging up to 4kg

Die shop


> High speed vertical machining centers

> High speed horizontal machining centers

> Various lathes, drills

> Vacuum furnaces

> Gas nitriding furnaces



Heat treatment


> Batch IQ furnaces (protecitve endogas atmoshere)

> Induction hardening units

> Aluminum heat treatment lines

> Vacuum hardening for higher alloy materials

> Ferritic nitrocarburizing

> Oxidizing

> Gas nitriding (up to 0,6mm)



> Vertical machining centers

> CNC machines to 1250mm

> Roll threading







> Black oxide coating

> Phospate coating

> Hot dip galvanize

> Zinc flake coatings

About Us


     We’re a diversified supplier of superior heat treated and machined forgings. These metallurgically sound forgings used in a great variety of industries. Our clients trusts our cutting edge technology, well educated and experienced workforce and our never ending enthusiasm. As we manufacture many kinds of forgings, upset forged steel parts and non-ferrous forgings are always in the focus of VULPES industries. With 6000m’ closed area, 60 fully motivated workforce and 42 precise machines, VULPES is ready to accomplish any hard manufacturing or metallurgy task.



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